About me

Hello! I’m Eric Clack.

I’m a business leader with a strong background in software engineering and consultancy. I run Bright Interactive and have been, on and off, for 21 years with my business partner Martin Wilson.

My style of leadership is servant/mentor/coach with a good measure of positive challenge: challenging and increasing the energy of people to make progress – this is hard, I hope I’m getting there!

What I stand for:

  • Lean — maximising value delivery whilst minimising waste
  • Satisfaction everywhere — finding out how to increase satisfaction for everyone that works within an organisation and everyone we interact with (customers, prospects, suppliers)
  • Personal and team growth — connected to satisfaction, find out how to support the growth that matters to each person in an organisation
  • Sustainability — how to build long lasting organisations.

I also am active in home education and programming clubs with a particular interest in meta-learning, how people can improve their ability to learn.

I love to talk about all of the above and hear new ideas, feel free to get in touch.